Collection : +37 Yellow Quotes 2 and Sayings with Images

Best Yellow Quotes 2 image
Best Yellow Quotes 2 image

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The best quotes of all time are the ones that resonate with people in a way that the world will never forget them. They’re the kind of wisdom that smacks you in the face and encourages you to be all you can be. So if you need a quick reminder to be yourself, live life to the fullest, or follow your dreams, don’t be afraid to print out a great quote and tack it next to your desk or set it as your home screen background.

In this collection, we have listed the best +37 Yellow Quotes 2 and Sayings with Images to inspire you !

Best Yellow Quotes 2 and Sayings with Images

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Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Yellow Quotes 2 of all time (listed in no particular order). You’ve likely heard some of the quotes before, but that’s because they truly are great, so if you’re looking for true inspiration, continue reading :


Yellow can express happiness, and then again, pain. There is flame red, blood red, and rose red; there is silver blue, sky blue, and thunder blue; every color harbors its own soul, delighting or disgusting or stimulating me.Emil Nolde


life is a loaded gun that looks right at you with a yellow eye.Billy Collins


Yellow is the brightest and lightest of all colors, and this brilliance is its most noticeable characteristic, which accounts for the way it is used practically and thought of symbolically.Michael Freeman


Into the field of Yellow flowers The red setting sun!Soseki Natsume


The sun had become a light yellow yolk and was walking with red legs across the sky.Zora Neale Hurston


There is a sun, a light that for want of another word I can only call yellow, pale sulphur yellow, pale golden citron. How lovely yellow is!Vincent Van Gogh


Sunny, happy with the music, no money. I’m thinking you’re on holiday. Sipping yellow lemonade.Alexandra Stan


Sundown, yellow moon, I replay the past I know every scene by heart, they all went by so fastBob Dylan


Yellow shirts have brightened immigration demonstrations across the countryPablo Alvarado


We find from experience that yellow excites a warm and agreeable impression…. The eye is gladdened, the heart expanded and cheered, a glow seems at once to breathe toward us.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


What a horrible thing yellow is.Edgar Degas


Yellow is my favorite, but what is yellow? Handmaiden to white, it is a slight tarnish of pure light. Take away a bit of whites absolute luminosity, and what remains is yellow — sunlike, golden as a crown, buttercups in a field, marsh marigolds, a finch’s wing, a plastic flute.Richard Grossinger


White is too brilliant to be seen, so yellow is its filter, its costume, revealing that pure light has not only brightness but emotional resonance and depth.Richard Grossinger


The big yellow one is the sun!Brian Regan


There is nothing in the world that is not mysterious, but the mystery is more evident in certain things than in others: in the sea, in the eyes of the elders, in the color yellow, and in music.Jorge Luis Borges


I just want to be young and fun and you know I think people should all wear yellow shoes.Justin Bieber


When yellow lights struggle with blue shades in hairlike lines.Thomas Hardy


There seemed nothing so true as a yellow tree.Lorrie Moore


Orange is an underrated color, it’s the second most underrated color after yellow.Michel Gondry


the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.Jack Kerouac


The sound of colors is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with bass notes or dark lake with treble.Wassily Kandinsky


We are made for goodness. We are made for love. We are made for friendliness. We are made for togetherness. We are made for all of the beautiful things that you and I know. We are made to tell the world that there are no outsiders. All are welcome: black, white, red, yellow, rich, poor, educated, not educated, male, female, gay, straight, all, all, all. We all belong to this family, this human family, God’s family.Desmond Tutu


Come away with in the night Come away with me And I will sing you a song Come away with me on a bus Come away where they can’t tempt us With there lies I want to walk with you On a cloudy day In fields where the yellow grass grows Knee-high So won’t you try to come Come away with me and we’ll kiss On a mountain top Come away with me And I’ll never stop loving you And I want to wake up with the rain Falling on a tin roof While I’m safe there in your arms So all I ask is for you To come away with me in the night Come away with me.Norah Jones


Her hair that lay along her back Was yellow like ripe corn.Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Don’t eat the yellow snow.Frank Zappa

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