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Best Roommate Quotes 3 image
Best Roommate Quotes 3 image

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Best Roommate Quotes 3 and Sayings with Images

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I was roommates with 2 of the guys who were influential in forming the Black Arts philosophy. I called them “goons,” and [Amiri] Baraka took offense at that. But if you read his autobiography, the night we went up there for a fundraiser, he talks about how he wished that some violence would happen to us. How do you like Baraka as a gracious host?Ishmael Reed


Butch put his hand on his roommate’s nape and murmured, “I’ll do the saving until you get your head back, how about that? I’ll keep you safe.J.R. Ward


she thought I could find a way to save her soul when she died and became an undead. Right now, I was just looking to find the rent money. I’d get to my roommate’s soul later.Kim Harrison


I remember when I was in college, I used to watch Julia Child’s cooking show during dinner and joke with my roommates about becoming a TV chef.Martin Yan


I was making pancakes the other day and a fly flew into the kitchen. And that’s when I realized that a spatula is a lot like a fly-swatter. And a crushed fly is a lot like a blueberry. And a roommate is a lot like a fly eater.Demetri Martin


One of the things that adds tension to our lives is small frustrations. Losing car keys can give you a panic attack. Not being able to find a comb when you get out of the shower, losing scissors and nail clippers, can make you fight with your roommate. The problem is that we think that these things are not supposed to happen to us. And that’s what makes us tense. We think we can avoid these frustrations by making ourselves and others be more careful. I like to take the opposite tack-to assume that these things are a part of life and that they will happen no matter what.Jennifer James


I’m not sure I’d classify any topics as off-limits, but I don’t look for new territories to offend. There’s my joke about when my roommate beat cancer. People talk about cancer survivors like they’re warriors, but from where I was sitting, she was just watching television and eating soup. Like, did she go to war? No. She kind of just sat around.Amy Schumer


We’re very aggressive speakers. I remember when I was with one of my roommates in New York – and she’s Portuguese, too – and we were in an Apple store talking about a computer in Portuguese. Some guy comes up to us and goes, “Hey, hey! Peace, peace! Stop arguing.” It’s not arguing. This is really just how we talk.Daniela Ruah


Honestly, I’d prefer to live with gay guys. They’re the cleanest, and they just take care of stuff. Because I’m always away, coming home to a clean house means a lot to me. Trust me, I’ve lived with a lot of roommates, and straight guys are just kids who don’t pick up after themselves.Kellan Lutz


And then there were the wallflowers who had recognized for years that the thing was hopeless, who had found in that information a kind of calm. They no longer tried, with a bright and desperate effort, to sustain a conversation with somebody’s brother, somebody’s usher, somebody’s roommate, somebody’s roommate’s usher’s brother… The category of wallflower who had given up on all this was very quiet, not indifferent, only quiet. And she always brought a book.Renata Adler


Seth [Rogen] had written a script with this guy, Evan [Goldberg], who none of us knew, and he was prepared to move to L.A. to try to get a script made. It had no title. I actually gave them the suggestion of naming it Superbad, which they did. I just thought it was a weird, interesting name for it. Evan came to L.A. to live with Seth, to be his roommate. It was kind of like, “Who’s the new guy?” Within days, we all loved Evan. Long story short, both of them were groomsmen at my wedding.David Krumholtz


My wife and I met when each of us was dragged to a party we didn’t want to go to by friends. I was coming off a bad injury, but my roommate insisted I get out of the house and be around people. God love our friends; we’ve been together 20 years now!Michael Chiklis


Your trash can is full of energy bar wrappers.” “You were looking through my trash?Rainbow Rowell


I was always a fan but me and Kevin Pattero, he was a friend of mine who trained for the Olympic games in 1972… he and I became very close friends and roommates and I kind of rode his coattails into the business.Ric Flair


When people ask me what I miss most about the game, it’s being in the locker room and getting to know the guys. Back in those days, we had roommates. We had to talk basketball and that was a great way to understand the game itself and form those lasting relationships.Earl Monroe


I have always felt comedy and tragedy are roommates. If you look up comedy and tragedy, you will find a very old picture of two masks. One mask is tragedy. It looks like its crying. The other mask is comedy. It looks like its laughing. Nowadays, we would say, How tasteless and insensitive. A comedy mask is laughing at a tragedy mask.Gilbert Gottfried


Interesting” he said. “You know, Simon never mentioned that his roommate was a werewolf.Cassandra Clare


I don’t think I could live with anybody. I had roommates, and it’s not for me. I like my space!Ashley Benson


You marry your friends when you stay with your friends. It’s hard enough to find a good roommate, let alone a good person you can live with and fall in love with at the same time. You might as well just take your roommate, if you can find one, and marry them. I mean, if you can find somebody that doesn’t drive you crazy, I would say marry that.Ariel Pink


When I was in school, my former roommate went through hazing. I heard the stories, but I don’t think I’ve seen a movie that captures the stuff that goes on.Nick Jonas


G-Dragonhe is very romantic. I’m his roommate so I see everything. He’s seriously romantic. If he dates someone he makes a song for them. One time he asked me how the song was. And I said oh my god if this was released in Korea there’d be a huge deal and it would make so much money. But… since it’s for the woman he loves it’s only for her and gives up that money/fame from that song.Seungri


Having a baby is like suddenly getting the world’s worst roommate.Anne Lamott


There are reports that President Obama and his family may move to New York City after his term is over. Unfortunately, the city is so expensive, he’s looking for another ex-president to be roommates with.Jimmy Fallon


She told her therapist it reminded her of coming home the summer after her freshman year at Rutgers, stepping back into the warm bath of family and friends, loving it for a week or two, and then feeling trapped, dying to return to school, missing her roommates and her cute new boyfriend, the classes and the parties and the giggly talks before bed, understanding for the first time that that was her real life now, that this, despite everything she’d ever loved about it, was finished for good.Tom Perrotta


Mona knocked at the wrong time. “Uh…yeah…wait a minute, Mona — ” Mona shouted through the door. “Room service, gentlemen. Just pull the covers up.” Michael grinned at Jon. “My roommate. Brace yourself.” Seconds later, Mona burst through the doorway with a tray of coffee and croissants. “Hi! I’m Nancy Drew! You must be the Hardy Boys!Armistead Maupin

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