Collection : +37 Fireplaces Quotes and Sayings with Images

Best Fireplaces Quotes image
Best Fireplaces Quotes image

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In this collection, we have listed the best +37 Fireplaces Quotes and Sayings with Images to inspire you !

Best Fireplaces Quotes and Sayings with Images

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Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Fireplaces Quotes of all time (listed in no particular order). You’ve likely heard some of the quotes before, but that’s because they truly are great, so if you’re looking for true inspiration, continue reading :


We no longer build fireplaces for physical warmth—we build them for the warmth of the soul; we build them to dream by, to hope by, to home by.Edna Ferber


A house with no fireplace is a house without a heart.Gladys Taber


The home is the empire! There is no peace more delightful than one’s own fireplace.Marcus Tullius Cicero


The most significant gifts are the ones most easily overlooked. Small, everyday blessings: woods, health, music, laughter, memories, books, family, friends, second chances, warm fireplaces, and all the footprints scattered throughout our days.Sue Monk Kidd


I lingered most about the fireplace, as the most vital part of the house.Henry David Thoreau


When I retire I’m going to spend my evenings by the fireplace going through those boxes. There are things in there that ought to be burned.Richard M. Nixon


My passions have never jumped out of the fireplace and set fire to the carpet.Mason Cooley


Cities have always been the fireplaces of civilization, whence light and heat radiated out into the dark.Theodore Parker


If my favorite, most comfortable place is by our fireplace in cold weather, expedient places are on an airplane, in a waiting room or even waiting in line; frequently these days, while on the phone having been ‘put on hold.’Joyce Carol Oates


I wrote about people who liked fake fireplaces in their parlor, who thought a brass horse with a clock embedded in its flank was wonderful.Betty Smith


No sane local official who has hung up an empty stocking over the municipal fireplace is going to shoot Santa Claus just before a hard Christmas.Al Smith


Take a nap in a fireplace and you’ll sleep like a log.Ellen DeGeneres


Snowflakes swirl down gently in the deep blue haze beyond the window. The outside world is a dream. Inside, the fireplace is brightly lit, and the Yule log crackles with orange and crimson sparks. There’s a steaming mug in your hands, warming your fingers. There’s a friend seated across from you in the cozy chair, warming your heart. There is mystery unfolding.Vera Nazarian


I don’t want everybody to see exactly where I live, what my sofa or my fireplace looks like.Marilyn Monroe


I said to myself that I shall try to make my life like an open fireplace, so that people may be warmed and cheered by it and so go out themselves to warm and cheer.George Matthew Adams


I don’t believe anything can do as much for a room as a glowing fire in an attractive fireplace. Men and dogs love an open fire – they show good sense. It is the heart of any room and should be kindled on the slightest provocation.Dorothy Draper


The tendency of fire is to go out; watch the fire on the altar of your heart. Anyone who has tended a fireplace fire knows that it needs to be stirred up occasionally.William Booth


I think people who come into my home feel comfortable and welcome and loved. And the biggest thing in my living room (the fireplace) is in and of itself an expression of love.Julia Roberts


In winter we lead a more inward life. Our hearts are warm and cheery, like cottages under drifts, whose windows and doors are halfconcealed, but from whose chimneys the smoke cheerfully ascends…. We enjoy now, not an Oriental, but a Boreal leisure, around warm stoves and fireplaces, and watch the shadow of motes in the sunbeams.Henry David Thoreau


I feel I want to be wise with white hair in a tall library in a deep chair by a fireplace.Gregory Corso


Poetry is a fireplace in summer or a fan in winter.Robert Hass


For me, there’s nothing better than curling up in my favorite blanket on a cloudy or rainy day and just knit. Especially in front of the fireplace.Magdalena Neuner


The computer is the new fireplace, everyone in the family gathers around the digital hearth for warmth.Amy Poehler


I don’t know why, but the warmth and the comfort of flickering light help. And a fire, in the fireplace or on the beach, is very comforting. I think when you make something consistent and familiar, it helps. I light candles every single night in my home.Evangeline Lilly


I don’t approve of open fires. You can’t think, or talk or even make love in front of a fireplace. All you can do is stare at it.Rex Stout

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