Collection : +37 Barbie Quotes 2 and Sayings with Images

Best Barbie Quotes 2 image
Best Barbie Quotes 2 image

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In this collection, we have listed the best +37 Barbie Quotes 2 and Sayings with Images to inspire you !

Best Barbie Quotes 2 and Sayings with Images

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Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best Barbie Quotes 2 of all time (listed in no particular order). You’ve likely heard some of the quotes before, but that’s because they truly are great, so if you’re looking for true inspiration, continue reading :


When I was really young. My sister and I would create different characters with our Barbie dolls – I’d be the crazy diva Barbie and she’d be the homeless Barbie.Jordana Brewster


I don’t like being under someone elses thumb. I’m very supportive of other female artists, especially those trying to make their own statement… trying to do what they want instead of being someone else’s Barbie doll.Irene Cara


I can’t do Los Angeles. I’ve always been the anti-Barbie. I don’t want to be in a place where almost every woman walks around with puffy lips, little noses and breasts large enough to nourish a small country.Vera Farmiga


You know you’ve made it when you’ve been moulded in miniature plastic. But you know what children do with Barbie dolls – it’s a bit scary, actually.Cate Blanchett


I did a picture for the First Barbie doll box.Heather O’Rourke


I’m definitely attracted to other Australians; I have a laid-back attitude to life that I feel is very Australian; I love a good barbie.Isla Fisher


Growing up with two sisters, you either play by yourself or play Barbie with them. I played by myself.Ricky Williams


TV tends to look for the living equivalents of squeaky-clean Kens and Barbies, but with my dial I’m more like Ken’s dirty old uncle.John C. McGinley


It was my first scene. My first day. We could have started with me drinking a beer, something a little less than having Barbies touching each other. But they started with that.Gisele Bundchen


For many young girls, [Barbie is] their first association with fashion and dressing up and changing clothes.Fern Mallis


I’ll never be like a Barbie girl, that’s for sure.Victoria Azarenka


Barbie is my fashion icon. People think I’m Paris Barbie – and it’s a compliment.Paris Hilton


I actually wanted to be a fashion designer. I did a lot with the sewing machine at home – – for Barbie or for carnival or just for fun. Then I saw this ad in the newspaper. And as young girls sometimes do some stupid things, I filled in the coupon and sent in my photos.Heidi Klum


My first modeling job was Gap, and my first time in front of the camera was for a Soda Pop Girls commercial – it’s one of those Bratz dolls, Barbie dollsone of those.Hailee Steinfeld


Stand-up was like being on a Barbie townhouse stage.Mario Cantone


I’m the Barbie, keep alotta plastic. Little pink stars, put em on my jacket.Nicki Minaj


I was never tomboyish. I loved Barbies. It’s just the way I grew up.Poppy Montgomery


I’ll try to communicate, Taylor said. She spoke slowly and deliberately. Hello! We need help. Is your village close? My village is Denver. And I think it’s a long way from here. I’m Nicole Ade. Miss Colorado. We have a Colorado where we’re from too! Tiara said. She swiveled her hips, spread her arms wide, then brought her hands together prayer-style and bowed. Kipa aloha. Nicole stared. I speak English. I’m American. Also, did you learn those moves from Barbie’s Hawaiian Vacation DVD? Ohmigosh, yes! Do your people have that, too?Libba Bray


Barbie’s disfigured. It’s fine to play with her just as long as you keep that in mind.Lena Dunham


I had some Barbies, but they were few and far between the mud fights.Stacy Dragila


Now all the bums is wondering where I be’s at -if you ain’t a barbie it’s none of your freaking beeswax!!!Nicki Minaj


Most little children’s obsessions are robots and Barbie dolls. My obsession as a kid was the Versace house. I used to save up my pocket money to buy Versus shirts. I was that obsessed!Riccardo Tisci


Look at you! You look like Rangeman Barbie. You got a gun and everything. -LulaJanet Evanovich


She still felt like a punked-out, faux-leather-wearing, free-thinking Bratz doll in a sea of Pretty Princess of Preppyland Barbies.Sara Shepard


The doll, Dallas. You know, Barbie doll. Jeez, didn’t you ever have dollies?” “Dolls are like small dead people. I have enough dead people, thanks.Nora Roberts

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